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i only kiss rock & roll boys.

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9th June 2007

9:38am: drive all night

Current Mood: tired/excited

22nd May 2007

11:14pm: make out kids never had a chance to be best friends

um. so eighth grade ended today. might i say this was the best year of my life. 

academically, it sucked. i got a few bad grades (mostly in math...), but i still got through. i loved every one of my core teachers (the elective teachers bothered me :/) and i'm going to miss them so. fucking. much. 

today was the first time i ever cried on the last day of school.

i made the best friends i've ever had this year. i've learned who i am and i've experienced so many new things this year. i finally know how it feels to live close to some of your closest friends and literally become sisters with a friend. i got my first boyfriend, and i've finally experienced love and holding hands and just being comfortable with everything happening in my life.

right now, i can say that life is pretty much perfect.

knowing all of these amazing things that happened to me in eighth grade, it's hard to say goodbye to this year. i'm really going to miss it.

on another note:
i'm still going out with brandon :] for the first month we were together, i kinda felt uncomfortable around him. like, i needed to get used to him. because i've never had a boyfriend before. but, as of sunday, may twentieth, the day marking the one month "anniversary" of our relationship, i've finally become comfortable with him.


and tonight to celebrate no more school and three months of summer, i'm staying up aaaaallllllllll night talking to brandon :D yay. 

kbye. much love.


xo alexis

Current Mood: accomplished

13th May 2007

12:20am: you're so jaded
Me & My Awesome Boyfriend!
~You & Your Sweetheart~
Your Name & Age:alexis - 13
His Name & Age:brandon - 13
How Long Have You Been Dating?:like three weeks
What's Special About Your Relationship?:uh
Do You Truly Love Him?, and leave the text area blank.:yes
What About Trust?:yes
How Did You Meet?:school
How Long Did It Take Until You Were Going Out?:since we met, a few months.
Who Said 'I Love You' First?:him, i think
How Well Do You Think You Know Him?:pretty darn well
And How Much Does He Know About You?:see above
So How Far Have You Gone?:uhh
Would You Go Further (If Possible^^)?:sure but not sexually, thanks
How Many Boyfriends Have You Had Before?:zerooooo
What About Your Bf, How Many Girlfriends Had He Had?:like one but i'm not sure if she counts haha
What Is The Most Perfect Thing About Him?:his music taste :]]
And What Do You Like Least About Him?:idk
Ever Had An Argument?:nopeee
His Best Physical Feature?:lololol ;]
And Yours?:yeah no
Does He Tell You That He Loves You?:yeppp
What's The Sweetest Thing He Has Ever Done For You?:he's a sweet-talker. he gets me with his words all the time.
Ever Considered Breaking Up With Him?:nopeee
Do His Parents Know About You?:mmhmm :D
And What About Yours?:yep
Do / Would They Like Him?:yes, they acutally like him quite a bit
And Do You Actually Care?:yeah
Wha Would You Do If Your Friends Wouldn't Like Him At All?:i'm not sure if they do.
Have You Ever Cheated On Him?:nope
Has He Ever Cheated On You?:nope
Would You Forgive Him?:probably
Are You Sometimes Comparing Him To The Boyfriends Of Your Friends?:...my friends don't have boyfriends...
So How Would You Describe Him In Three Words?:awesome, cool, amazingggg
If You Could Change One Thing About Your Relationship, What Would I Be?:make us more comfortable around eachother
Are You Happy With Him?:yes
How Long Do You Think You Two Will Stay Together?:i think we'll last.
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Looking Back on the 2006-2007 School Year
Overall Impressions
What grade are you in?:eighth
Do you like school?:no
How did this year compare to others?:socially it was the best
Are you looking forward to next year?:YES
If you could change one thing about this year, what would it be?:my emoness at the beginning
What class was easiest?:english probably
Who was your favorite teacher?:mr. g and mrs. kuck
Did you dislike any of your teachers?:yep
Did you have perfect attendance?:haahhaah no
Did you get into trouble?:neverrrr
Were you a teacher's pet?:nopeee
Were you disruptive in class?:no i don't talk much in class
Did you learn anything useful?:idk maybeee
Did you fail any of your classes?:nope
Were your classes hard?:a few
Did you like the people in your classes?:yeppp
Did you take the SAT's?:no
Apply for college?:no
Get into college?:
If so, do you know your major?:
Who was your best friend this year?:at school, it was liz.
Did you meet any new friends?:yepyep
Did you lose any friends?:kinda
Did any of your friends graduate?:nopeee
Who did you spend most of your time with?:liz
Were there any big fights?:yep
Any physical fights?:nope
Any drama?:yeah
Where did you and your friends hang out?:the park
Favorite memories?::]]]
Worst memories?:my emo days
Did you go to school dances?:haha no i'm too cool
Did you make friends outside of school?:uhh i'm not sure
More About School
What extracurricular activities did you take part in?:like. none.
Did you like any of them in particular?:nope
Did you win anything?:spelling bee
Did you lose anything?:idk
Did you stay after school a lot?:never
Did you drive to school?:nopeee
Did you break up with anyone?:nopeeee
Did you start any new relationships?:yes :D
Do you have a crush on someone right now?:mmhmmmm
Do you go to school with them?:chyeahhhh
Did you have your heart broken?:nopeeee
Did you break someone's heart?:idk
How did you and your family get along this year?:better
Did you fight with any family members?:duh
What was the worst thing that happened in your family?:idk
What annoys you most about them?:who knowsss
Did you go on any trips?:unfortunately
Did you move?:yes
Were you mostly happy, or sad, or etc. this year?:happy :D
If you could tell everyone in your school one thing, what would it be?:i hate gangsters :D
Did you have anything really bad happen to you this year?:not really
What would you say was your greatest achievement?:surviving a new school and not coming up as a complete loser
Did you have anything really good happen to you this year?:yessss
Were you happy to be in school?:not in school for class but i love my friends
What are your plans for after high school?:college
What's your biggest future goal?:success
What about your smallest?:no idea
What got you through the year?:friends and music
Did you get enough sleep?:definitely not
What changed the most?:my style
Did you change at all?:YES.
Did your friends change?:kinda, but it's growing up, you know?
If you could change yourself, what would you become?:njdfkm,
Name one good thing about yourself:uh
Name one bad thing about yourself.:jncmdfks
Do you like where you live?:yeppp
Were you jealous of anyone this year?
Did you tell them that you were jealous?:no
Did you want to kill anyone?:hahahaha no
Were you healthy this year?:chyeahh
Did you take care of yourself?:somewhat
Did you get sick at all?:yes
Was your family healthy?:mmhmm
If you're not healthy, are you trying to change?:
What was your favorite food?:subway subssss
How many hours did you sleep a night?:like five
Are you taking any medicine?:not like regularly
Were you confident this year?:kinda
Did you care what people thought about you?:somewhat but not much
Were you outgoing or shy?:mostly shy
Did you like to be alone or out with friends?:out with friends
Did you open up to other people?:kinda
Did you trust people easily?:yeahh
Who did you trust the most this year?:liz, heather, niki, kelly, brandon
Who did you trust the least?:no idea
Were you lonely this year?:very
How did you deal with adversities?:eh
Are you stronger now? Or weaker?:stronger.
Did you believe in God?:yes
More random:
Try anything new?:yeppp
Watch a lot of TV?:nopeee
Happiest moment?:i had a lot of those
Strangest moment?:see above
Favorite thing to do in spare time?:park!
Least favorite?:homework
Place you feel safest::]
Place you feel least safe:idk
Greatest disappointment:hm
Favorite music:rock and rollllll
Did you develop new interests?:chyeahhh
Did you have a lot of money?:more than normal
Did you get along with your teachers?:yeppp
Who changed your life the most?:a few people
Are you scared or excited for the future?:both
What do you want to do with your life?:a lot
Hair color this year/style:brown all year, started long and now it's short
Eye color:brown
Did you dress differently?:yep
Any major changes in your apperance?:mmhmm
New piercings or tattoos?:nopeee
Did you grow at all?:nahh
Gain or lose weight?:idk
Explain your style:awesome
Did you go tanning?:ew no
Favorite aspect of appearance:hair i guess
Least favorite:fjmdk,
Are you vain?:no
Do you think other people judge your apperance?:yeah
What makeup did you use?:maccccc
Did you dress up for school?:kinda?
Finish the Sentence
I am closest to:brandon and liz
I wish:jfdk,l
I have faith that:my wish will come true
I am:getting better
My friends are:awesome
I believe:in god
I fear:jdfk,s
I am proud of:...idk
I am happiest when:i'm with brandon or liz or heather or kelly or niki
I wish I had known:not to hang onto melbourne so tight
I am glad:i finally let go
Anything else you'd like to say?:my my baby blue
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Current Mood: blah

5th May 2007

2:24pm: hold on

Current Mood: rejected

2nd May 2007

11:55pm: so hold my hand
"yeah, a pretty girl you haven't even touched." power to you, chase.

29th April 2007

9:08am: spotted dick sponge pudding?!
[AWAY] "you continually chase after that one night he kissed you goodnight under the street lights, so hard, it made you float back into your room to write a journal post about how amazing and perfect he was. but he'll never kiss you like that again. and despite all attempts of reliving that night he will perpetually disappoint. because, that night, despite all good judgement, you idealised."

that was from some random person's away message..

22nd April 2007

10:01pm: :D
-that lizchris is the cutest couple ever
-taking a chance and doing something you normally wouldn't can make you the happiest person ever
-i have so much fun here
-i am the queen of myspace surveys
-people are going to start asking about it
-i'm going to start answering

so basically.
brandon is my boyfriend.
i'm falling in love, but i haven't totally fallen yet.
i can't take it too fast if i want it to last.
and by golly i want it to last.
this has been the happiest weekend of my life.
most definitely.
he's the first boy i've been completely comfortable talking to on the phone. ever.
and that was just our first phone conversation.
though our "date" last night was extremely awkward, i still loved spending time with him.
and he's always on my mind.
and i'm always smiling.

i really like this.
9:38pm: Posted using TxtLJ

14th April 2007

8:37pm: drama queen

Current Mood: content

8th April 2007

2:19pm: Posted using TxtLJ
i need to start to be myself, 'cause i am sick of everybody else.

27th March 2007

10:16am: Posted using TxtLJ
I'm in the big ball at epcot :]

24th March 2007

1:38pm: Posted using TxtLJ
Gar i'm so bored.. I hope my mom bids on those vinyls for me.. They're freaking awesome.
8:27am: Posted using TxtLJ
Won for breakfast. Dude i thought i was going to die last night. I couldn't breathe and it was like ew.

20th March 2007

2:19pm: Posted using TxtLJ
Ew my mom told me she wishes i was an abercrombie kid.. Ew.
12:32pm: Posted using TxtLJ
Yay i might get to switch into chorus :]

18th March 2007

7:19pm: Posted using TxtLJ
Lol tainted love is on the eighties hits show on vh1

17th March 2007

8:34pm: Posted using TxtLJ
Sunset grill is another dr. Pepper stronghold... We're fucking taking over, baby!
9:44am: Posted using TxtLJ
I'm bored but the fall out boy dvd makes me smile. :]

15th March 2007

4:47pm: Posted using TxtLJ
Lol my mom got hit on by a cuban man at the mall.. He was old too. It was creepy. :D

13th March 2007

11:46pm: lmao
i got bored, so i invited myself into a chatroom called "whatever." and it was HILARIOUS. two of them were on sidekicks, and i'm guessing they were in about third grade, lmao. they were so fucking immature. for real, who says "lamo" anymore?

Current Mood: amused
4:13pm: :
) lol @ know your sexual predators. i <3 jodie & scott.

11th March 2007

10:37pm: i need you, i need you now.
so today i did some hardcore room moving. i moved every piece of furniture in my room except for my desk. all by myself. i'm a movers daughter, it's expected. :D anyway, i was order #43 for TBR. i ordered a new shirt, it's effing amazing. :]] i can't wait to get it. two to six weeks. woozah! aaaanywaaay. ohohoh i got the new yesterday. it's the "100 bands you need to know for 2007" edition. and three of my favorite bands are in it. :D do you know how amazing that is? this is the first time i've loved a band before it made it into a big part of AP. now that makes me smile. :D anywaaaaay. the bands were heavy heavy low low, the horrors, and the forecast so woo. now that i ordered that shirt, i know i have seventy one dollars left. and i'd like to go on an excursion tomorrow to best buy (it's cheaper than fye :]) and get some CDs. the CDs are as follows:

faking my own suicideCollapse )

the ones in bold are the ones i really want, and most likely will be getting the next time i visit a music store. :D so woo. yep i'm going to go now. laterrr yo.
9:08pm: this is my deathbed
i have no idea where i found this, some weird website where they have aim profiles and crap. but i like it<3

Current Mood: awake
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